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Dick & Jenny’s embodies the feel-good-funky vibe that makes New Orleans special.  Our 120 years old creole cottage houses good times and great food all year round, and everyone is invited to the party. Whether it’s a quick bite before a show at Tipitina’s or a special family celebration; you’ll experience a truly authentic New Orleans experience.

Chef James Riché strives to tie together the amazing flavors of our culturally diverse city into a mix as beautiful and enticing as the Big Easy herself.  Chef emphasizes utilizing local proteins and produce whenever possible, and the food represents his love for the ocean and land which offer us their bounty.


  • Proprietors

    Business partners, Kelly Barker, from South Louisiana, and M. Cristiano Raffignone, a native of Liguria, Italy first met and shared their passion for worldly cuisine in 1990 when they met in NYC.

    In May of 2013, the KC Restaurant Group purchased Dick & Jenny’s. The popular, renowned restaurant is known for it’s eclectic style of New Orleans cuisine. Kelly and Cristiano intend to build a culinary bridge between their two boots, Louisiana and Italy. Chef Riché works to renew the essence of D&J, while maintaining the consistency of this restaurant group’s vision.

    The duo also runs Cristiano Ristorante in Houma, Louisiana. Cristiano’s, led by Chef Lindsay Mason, specializes in  northern Italian cuisine and also produces a seasonal menu focusing on the freshest local ingredients. The combination provides an experience that surpasses the imagination.